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Vanyar21 is an admin at the DE Tales-of Wiki.


Hey, I'm Jennifer (but I prefer Jenny), I'm 23 years old and I'm from Germany :)
Besides my own wiki I also work on the german Dragon Age and Supernatural Wikia. Some time ago I also worked on the Destiny and the Bloodborne Wikias but I was too hyped for Destiny and didn't like it in the end and I was alone at the Bloodborne Wikia which wasn't that much of fun.

As you can see in the box just right of this text my hobbies include:

  • Playing video games (nearly every genre except sports games; favorite series are Tales of, Final Fantasy, Assassin's Creed, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Metroid and Resident Evil... and Age of Empires)
  • Watching movies and TV series (and again: nearly every genre but mostly Fantasy and Mystery)
  • Martial arts (Japanese sword fighting and Yi Quan)
  • Drawing pictures (mainly in manga style and portraits)
  • Writing stories (FanFictions like FFs about Supernatural or Metroid and own stories)
  • Cooking/baking (yep, I really love to cook or bake for my friends)