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WikiNumbers (๋Japanese Stylized: WikiNumbersウィキナンバーズ, WikiNanbāzu; Thai: วิกินัมเบอร์; Nicknamed "Numbers" or "WN") is a man studying Economics, a reserve officer of the Royal Thai Army, and editor and administrators of FANDOM Wikis. He is also one of the attendees of Community Connect 2021.

FANDOM Biography

WikiNumbers has been editing wikis since 2012, but had not taken lead roles on Wikis until 2018. The administrator commission on The Quintessential Quintuplets Wiki is the start of his involvement in the anime vertical, and soon came to work with several different groups of people on many wikis. The involvements in Wiki "management" open up his path into Discord server moderation, and after starting the Girlfriend, Girlfriend Wiki, Subreddit management.

Noticing several series' Wiki in abandoned state, Numbers often takes matter into his own hand by adopting them and gradually rebuild the infrastructure as well as contents, and connect them with Discord Servers and Subreddits. This further adds to his workload, and by economic theory, diminish his productivity.

After August 2020, Numbers starts taking a less active role in wiki editing and starts limiting his readlist/watchist, citing "too much on the backlog". The completion of his proclaimed "wiki starter kit", composed of infoboxes and basic CSS, and his general aversion of editing unfollowed projects, further divert Numbers from actively participating as Wiki Editor.

Awards and Honors

  • October 28, 2019: Submitted discussion prompt "What's the most difficult thing your community has done together?" got selected for the weekly discussion in discord server.
  • January, 2021: Invited to Community Connect 2021.
  • January, 2021: Nomination for Editor of the Month - Anime Vertical April 2020.

In Real Life

Numbers is a university student in Economics international program. He has great love for Microeconomics theories, but does not perform too well overall academically. His hobbies includes anime media (Light Novel/Manga/Anime), writing poems and fiddling with basic calculus at times.

Reserve Officer

Numbers was also a Reserve Officer Student, taking two advanced years after the basic three years training most people took (for a total of five years). Holding high pride as a command student, he was a battalion leader in his fourth year and a company leader in his fifth and final year. The rank insigna armband in his last year later becomes his static profile image.