Community Connect

Will "MisterWoodhouse" Kavanagh is the Global Community Lead at Fandom, working on the Editor Experience team. In addition to being the guy who hits your inboxes with Staff Blogs, Will is also responsible for the Editor Rewards program and one of the leads on the Unified Community Platform project.


Before joining Fandom, Will was the Community Manager for Gamepedia. After Curse Media joined forces with Fandom, Will moved into a general Gaming Community Manager role before taking his current position on the Editor Experience team.

Before his time with Curse Media, Will was the Gaming Community Manager for the short-lived community platform Imzy. He also moderates several subreddits, including /r/DestinyTheGame, /r/Fallout, /r/Gaming, and /r/FluffyDogs.

Community Connect Involvement

Will is helping lead the Community side of Community Connect. He's here to make sure you're happy, engaged, and having fun during your stay in Orlando. He will also be leading the Fandom side of the first breakout sessions on Day 1 with TimQ.